Welcome to the 12th OnlineTestConf!

OnlineTestConf was the first 100% online conference to provide all the advantages of attending professional QA related conferences: personal learning, networking etc. without the shortcomings of scheduling, expenses and travel. The conference has been running for the past 6 years long before COVID-19 forced all live events online. 

OnlineTestConf attendees are from all parts of the world, and hosts well known speakers as well as young presenters, discussing everything that relates to Testing and QA. Attendance is and will remain free of charge and we invite anyone who sees themselves involved in testing and the testing community to join.

Why an Online Testing Conference?

great idea

Because it makes sense!

In today's new reality it makes more sense than ever of course. But even before COVID-19 not everyone could take time off work, or pay the costs of physical conferences.

onlinetestconf community

Because we need it!

As so many in the QA community have been forced to work remotely, or worse, have lost their employment, this is just the time for virtual learning and training. Professional socializing is also conducive to productivity, and if it can't be done in person, then virtually is the next best option.

online test conf because we can

Because we can!

Today we have the means (technologically and logistically) of organizing an event of this sort and sharing it with the community.

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