Sponsorship Options

Present yourself to thousands of QA professionals worldwide and contribute to the quality delivered by testers around the world, by showing your support of this testing event.

Media Sponsor

What’s included?

– Linked logo on sponsor page

– Visibility during the event (break)

– Retweet of published blog post

*Free sponsorship for QA bloggers




What’s included?
– Linked logo on sponsor page to Custom Booth*
– Visibility during the event (break slides)
– Customised shout out on twitter from OTC profile
– Live shout out during the conference


What’s included?
Everything included in the Silver sponsorship and…
– Demo session at the conference
(20 min. for you to showcase your business)
– Designated Slack channel (chat up ~5k OTC community members)
– Promoted email to the OTC list
(~ 16K contacts, over 5,000 QA managers, CEO’s & VP’s)


The most commonly asked questions regarding OTC’s  paid sponsorships

We do not share our registrars information as in agreement with the privacy policy of the event. We can provide aggregated information regarding the registrants as for country, job title etc.

Over the past event registration has varied anywhere between 3,000-4,600 per event. We expect the next event to be inline with this trend.

All conference registrants (even one’s from past events) “hang-out” in the event’s Slack account.
Sessions and paid sponsors will have their own channels. As a sponsor you can leverage this to speak directly with OTC community members regarding your brand and find new business opportunities. The channel will be your space to interact, and you can make it whatever you want it to be as long as it is kept professional and on topic.

The eblast will be sent in the weeks prior to the event as part of the “meet the sponsors” segment. The content needed will be an image+ logo (this can be a combined graphic), title, descriptive paragraph and a CTA. It will be sent via our emailing system under the conference’s design. And yes we can send over results (open & click rate etc.)

At OnlineTestConf we prefer to have things live, but this demo can be pre-recorded if you’d rather as to be sure you are within the 20 min. limit
Regarding criteria for demo it should provide an:
– Introduction

– Main value points –

– Short demonstration on any of the value points

– Summary

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