Fall OnlineTestConf 2020 – program

Fall OnlineTestConf 2020 - Program


Workshops & Sessions

December 1st

Times listed are in CET (EU)

 12:00 – 13:30   


Workshop with Rob Lambert

Building diverse, inclusive and effective teams by focusing on behaviours

In this workshop we will focus on understanding behavioural diversity and how understanding other people can help to build effective teams.
By understanding other people’s behavioural diversity we can be build teams where respect, appreciation and diversity are the norm – and as a result – effective working practices can allow everyone to shine. 
Behaviours are the culture of your team and company. By working well with others who are different than us, we can help create a respectful, high energy, effective and diverse team that get the job done.
In this workshop Rob will introduce DISC as a useful tool for understanding others, how to recognise behavioural diversity and how to communicate with those who seemingly behave different to ourselves. 


Rob Lambert is the owner of Cultivated Management, a management training and consulting business for those new to the challenging world of management in the technology industry.

Find him on Twitter: @Rob_Lambert

 14:00 – 14:45   

Session with Paul Gerrard – 

What Testers Need from ML/AI

When is this in my timezone? 



Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are all the rage now – but how much of it is hype? Of course, great strides are being made in business applications in every domain. But what about testing? Most vendors are including ML/AI in their marketing collateral and a few are actually building intelligent features into their tools. The problem for the practitioner is everyone is doing it differently.


There’s no common definition of ML/AI, there’s no common definition of ML/AI applications in testing and there’s no common terminology. So it’s hard to separate the hype from the hard fact. In this talk, Paul sets out a workable definition of ML/AI and identifies the tool features that a) would be most valuable to testers and b) amenable to ML/AI support. There are some limited constraints to what ML/AI can do – for example:

– They need data from production logging test definition and execution
– Models of system functionality mapped to data and covering tests

  • Imagination


Right now, the low hanging fruit is in the packaged applications domain, but the future is bright if we can match ML/AI and data to our testing thought processes to build intelligent test assistants



– What is a useful definition of ML/AI in the context of testing?

– What features do testers need, that can be supported by ML/AI

– What is the future for ML/AI in testing?



Paul Gerrard

Paul Gerrard is a consultant, teacher, author, webmaster, programmer, tester, conference speaker, rowing coach and publisher. He has conducted consulting assignments in all aspects of software testing and quality assurance, specialising in test assurance. He has presented keynote talks and tutorials at testing conferences across Europe, the USA, Australia, South Africa and occasionally won awards for them.

Educated at the universities of Oxford and Imperial College London, he is a Principal of Gerrard Consulting Limited and the host of the Technology Leadership Forum. He was the Programme Chair for the 2014 EuroSTAR conference in Dublin and for several other conferences in the last decade.

In 2010 he won the EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award and in 2013 he won the inaugural TESTA Lifetime Achievement Award. He won the ISTQB Testing Excellence Award in 2018.

He’s currently working with an Irish government agency to create a future skills framework for software testers.


Web: www.gerrardconsulting.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/paulgerrard


 15:00 – 15:45   


Session with Mike Lyles – 

Discussions Testers Should No Longer Be Having

When is this in my timezone?


How many times have you heard statements like, “How did we miss this in test”, “This defect doesn’t happen on my machine”, “We do not need automation”, or “We are waiting on testing to give us the green light”?


Many years ago, Stephen Covey made the statement “Nothing Fails Like Success”. He spoke on how that the things we do to be successful today may not be enough for success tomorrow. This powerful statement can be directly applied to how that the changing landscape of IT is affecting the roles of our project teams. Processes, tools, and approaches that were once successful years ago may not be enough today, tomorrow, and beyond.


This concept relates heavily with the role of test teams today. Discussions we used to have years ago are no longer as relevant now. Waterfall teams have migrated to Agile & DevOps, and there is a need for strategic changes in how we operate within a project and how we communicate across teams.


In this presentation, we will discuss many of the well-known phrases, philosophies, and theories around testing of years past, and how that we must overcome the obstacles and be successful today. We will discuss how the dynamics within the teams must change, and most importantly, how you, as a tester, can influence across the organization.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Evaluate successes in testing and project teams in the past that have become outdated
  2. An understanding of the changes we face today within our SDLC processes
  3. How to identify and address project teams that are stuck in the past
  4. Tips and guidelines for how to best influence across the team and organization

About Mike Lyles

Mike Lyles is a Director of QA and Project Management with over 25 years of IT experience in multiple organizations, including Fortune 50 companies. He has exposure in various IT leadership roles: software development, program management office, and software testing. He has led various teams within testing organizations: functional testing, test environments, SCM, TDM, performance testing, test automation, and service virtualization.


Mike has been successful in career development, team building, coaching, and mentoring of IT & QA professionals.  Mike has been an international keynote speaker at multiple conferences and events, and is regularly published in testing publications and magazines. His first published motivational book, “The Drive-Thru is Not Always Faster”, was released in 2019.


You can learn more about Mike at www.MikeWLyles.com where you can also find his social media links and connect with him there also.  His book site is at www.TheDriveThruBook.com

 16:00 – 16:45   


Session with Jana Gierloff –

Taming the Quality Dragon

When is this in my timezone?


What is a quality mindset?

Using fire fighting as an example, the typical response to a fire is to fight it until it is extinguished. Afterwards being ready to fight the next fire when it happens. Having a quality mindset also means responding to a fire by fighting it until it is extinguished.


However, instead of waiting for the next fire, a quality mindset means finding the root cause of the first fire and working to prevent any other fires stemming from that cause.


Based on this our QA Vision consists of 3 statements:
– The whole team is responsible for the quality of the product.
– Every team member who contributes to the product is responsible for the entire feature development life cycle.
– QA is responsible for assisting the whole team in providing high quality.


This talk is about the 5 steps we took to implement this QA Vision, how we built a QA Philosophy and how this approach is being adopted by all teams and members of the QA department.

– A powerful QA Vision and Philosophy

– 5 Steps to Build a Quality Mindset
– How to go from being the bottleneck to become a champion of quality


About Jana


Jana Gierloff is a Senior Quality Assistance Engineer at InnoGames who was introducing and leading the transition to Quality Assistance at Forge of Empires. With 10+ years of experience in the games industry, Jana empowers the team to confidently test by providing trainings, tools, and environments. She has a very good track-record of inspiring testers to take their testing to new levels and to find unexpected bugs in unexpected ways, as well as providing help with all automation matters. Curious and passionate about testing she also speaks at software conferences all over the world.

 17:00 – 17:45   


Session with Maaret Pyhäjärvi –

A Case of Failure: Pinpointing a problem for correction

When is this in my timezone?


In working with many new people, I have come to appreciate the skill of diagnosis. Watching people – test engineers and managers in particular – jump to conclusions a little too early or way too late helped me identify that there is a skill to knowing where the problem lies.


In this session, we look at examples of diagnosing bugs in our test tools, in our software under test, and in our processes. To move from just reporting a problem to reporting a problem in a useful way to being part of solving the problem enables more significant impact from each of us.


We’ll conclude the session with thinking of our role as reporters of information to create change. What kind of information truly moves our colleagues and organizations, and makes a difference, and when should we turn from information providers to full contributors on solutions?


Maaret Pyhäjärvi


Maaret Pyhäjärvi is an exploratory tester extraordinaire with a day-job at Vaisala as Principal Test Engineer. She is a tester, (polyglot) programmer, speaker, author, conference designer and a community facilitator.  She is Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2016 and Top-100 Most Influential in ICT in Finland 2019. 


She blogs at http://visible-quality.blogspot.fi, and is the author of three LeanPub books: Mob Programming GuidebookExploratory Testing and Strong-Style Pair Programming. Her web page is http://maaretp.com.  



December 2nd

Times listed are in AEST (AUS).

 12:00 – 13:30   


Workshop with Joel Montvelisky –

Simple techniques to improve the testing results of testers and non-testers alike

In this workshop Joel will present Simple techniques to improve the testing results of testers and non-testers alike.


Joel Montvelisky

In addition to serving as PractiTest Architect Joel is also its QA Manager, and he has been working as a tester, QA manager, consultant, trainer and speaker for the last 20 years of his career.   


During this time Joel managed QA teams and processes in companies such as Mercury Interactive (currently HP Enterprise), Cahoots, NewChanel, and more.


Originally from Costa Rica, Joel currently resides in Israel, and you can read more about Joel’s views on testing from his professional QABlog – http://qablog.practitest.com/

Find him on Twitter: @joelmonte

 14:00 – 14:45   

Session with Anne-Marie Charrett-

Job Losses, Pandemics and Fires, Oh My!

When is this in my timezone? 



Dorothy in the wizard of oz, faced a foreign land with no compass to get home. Her travelling partners weren’t in that good shape either! The tin man lacked a heart, the lion, courage and the scarecrow lacked brains.


In these times, I can relate to Dorothy and her friends very well. With high job losses, a pandemic that seems to have no end, and environmental disasters happening all around the globe, it’s hard to know what the future will look like.


Will this winter ever end? Take heart. There is hope. And that hope is inside us and with us today.

Each of us has a testing brilliance, each of us something unique to share. By focusing on our strengths and on each other, we can become stronger, more adaptable and more confident about facing an uncertain future.


Join me along the yellow brick road, as we look at ways to become resilient and adaptable to change.


Anne-Marie Charrett


Anne-Marie excels at creating spaces where quality thrives. As co-founder of Testing Times and its principle quality engineer, Anne-Marie is the lead advocate on quality engineering and how to navigate change and keep quality in the minds of all. Standing her in good stead is her years of experience as Head of Engineering at Tyro Payment, Quality Engineering Consultant and Test Automation Engineer. Anne-Marie’s technical background as an Electronic Engineer has enabled her to speak to both technical and product expertise. Anne-Marie is an international keynoter having spoken at multiple international conferences.


You can read more about her ideas on her blog https://mavericktester.com and/or catch some of her thoughts on twitter at @charrett.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/testingtimes/


 15:00 – 15:45   


Session with Tim O’Brien –

Taking the guesswork out of testing

When is this in my timezone?


In this talk I will walk through our templatised test mindmap that we have developed over many years, and show you how you can use it to guide through the testing processes of Requirements and Risk Analysis, Planning, Modelling, Testing and Reporting that makes up the test process.

With this template, you will be able to test any application effectively and thoroughly, and at the end of it all, you will have a complete and modern test artefact as evidence of your testing.

* Refresher on good practice test processes
* Templatised mindmap for guided testing of software
* A modern and effortless test artefact tool


Tim O’Brien

Tim began his career in games late in life, returning to school and studying Games Design after finally deciding its time to pursue something he was passionate about. Working in Design for a while, he took up the Quality torch and wielded it with passion.


Tim has been working in the games testing space for 9 years, helping to ship quality products for Wargaming Sydney (World of Tanks, World of Ships), Tru Blu games (Rugby League Live series, Don Bradman Cricket) and others. He is super passionate about using modern testing practices in the gaming space and discovering new and more effective practices to drive testing in an industry with unique challenges.

 16:00 – 16:45   


Session with Nikhil Bhandari –

From shift left to shift right and beyond

When is this in my timezone?


In today’s world, which is fast-changing in terms of technology, digitization and interconnected, you can not just rely on certifying the quality of the product based on customer requirements. There are other key factors which need to be considered which will make your product/solution more robust.


As a new-age QA, you need to think like an engineer, you need to know each and every aspect of the code, architecture, technologies, platform, infrastructure, environment, alerting, monitoring, data science. Shift left gives you an advantage to build the Quality in from the beginning of the cycle and Shift right gives you an opportunity to look into how the product is being used and behaving in the real world.

In this talk, we will cover a real-world scenario on how transformation of Quality Engineering helped deliver an awesome experience to customers. This includes the use of open-source tools and automation of testing/deployment/monitoring.


Key learning 1: Understand Quality Engineering and how it plays an important role in entire SDLC
Key learning 2: Bringing in Quality validations at each and every steps of software development and deployment
Key learning 3: Quality practices in Infrastructure and Monitoring to get best customer experience
Key learning 4: How to get single line of code change deployed to production with best Quality
Key learning 5: Tools … which will help you sail through your journey


Nikhil Bhandari


Nikhil Bhandari has more than 18+ yrs of experience in the Test Engineering and Tools Development area. He is currently working as Group Development Manager at Gibraltar India (Prudential Financial, Inc) where he is heading the Dev Ops, Performance and Tools organization.


Previously, he worked with TiVo where we headed the Quality organization for the Service Engineering team. Earlier, at VISA, Nikhil led tools/framework team for Digital & Mobile group. His team built a unified test automation framework for the dev & test engineers to simplify the automation of business flows, increase productivity and define quality gates.


Prior to that, Nikhil had multiple roles at Intuit over 9+ years leading QA teams for TurboTax, Mint and QuickBooks Online. Nikhil has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science and has completed Executive Management program from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.​


 17:00 – 17:45   


Session with Joel Montvelisky –

Introducing the new role of the Software Testing Architect

When is this in my timezone?



Joel Montvelisky

In addition to serving as PractiTest Architect Joel is also its QA Manager, and he has been working as a tester, QA manager, consultant, trainer and speaker for the last 20 years of his career.   


During this time Joel managed QA teams and processes in companies such as Mercury Interactive (currently HP Enterprise), Cahoots, NewChanel, and more.


Originally from Costa Rica, Joel currently resides in Israel, and you can read more about Joel’s views on testing from his professional QABlog – http://qablog.practitest.com/

Find him on Twitter: @joelmonte


December 3rd

Times listed are in EST (USA)

 10:00 – 11:30   


Workshop with Raj Subrameyer

Career Advancement for Tech Professionals

When is this in my timezone?


When I started my career in IT, I faced several obstacles. Some of them include lack of motivation and guidance, high self-doubt, and low self-esteem, and having to apply for 1293 jobs during the 2008 recession.


Yes, I said that right. Since then, I have discovered different strategies that have transformed my life from having an entry-level job to building a six-figure business. I have helped numerous people get a job and be successful under any circumstances. So how did an average software tester like me make this dramatic transformation?


Come join this workshop where I reveal all my secrets to help you discover your dream job, and become hugely successful. I will share various tips, tricks, and tools related to finding your dream job, cracking interviews, exponentially increasing your salary, becoming a rockstar at work, and building your personal brand. In the new era we live in, success is all about how you differentiate yourself from your competition and impact your lives and others. So, if you are at the forking point of your career, feel stuck, and want practical strategies to become the leader you want to be, this is your chance. Join my workshop and get inspired.


Session Takeaways

= Different ways to identify your dream career and work towards it.

=How to be successful at work. Strategies to set us miles apart from our competition and get the career growth we deserve.

About Raj

Raj Subrameyer is an international keynote speaker, author, and tech career coach who helps people to land their dream job and become successful leaders. He has helped countless individuals discover their zone of genius and leverage it to live a life that they love.

He is a sought-after speaker at various conferences and has been featured in numerous podcast and publications, including Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Addicted2Success and The Good Men Project. He is also the author of the new book – Skyrocket Your Career.

In his spare time, he loves traveling with his family and discovering new experiences which includes craft beer.

You can connect with him on twitter @epsilon11, or his website www.rajsubra.com.

 12:00 – 12:45   

Session with Pete Walen –

Evolve or Die: Testing Must Change

When is this in my timezone? 

In 2011, Alberto Savoia proclaimed “Test Is Dead”; at GTAC. His presentation was, “controversial”; Many
people involved in software testing denounced it. The problems he pointed out still exist at many companies.


There are practices that make testing slow, expensive, inefficient and ineffective. Companies and people cling to them as being the “right way to test” even when there is evidence showing otherwise.


Why are so many companies still doing them?


Pete Walen


Peter G. Walen has over 25 years of experience in software development, quality, testing, and agile practices. He works hard to help teams understand how their software works and interacts with other software and the people using it. He is a member of the Agile Alliance, the Scrum Alliance and the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and an active participant in software meetups and frequent conference speaker.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petergwalen/ 


 13:00 – 13:45   


Session with Mark Tomlinson –

Observability for Performance Testers

When is this in my timezone?



What’s all the buzz about #olly (observability) with all this “needle in the haystack” and “digging in” and “observing stuff” language?
Haven’t we been doing this with our monitoring and logging and diagnostics tools already?
And what does this have to do with pre-release performance engineering, testing and systems design?


Well, I recently had a wake-up call about observability and I’d like to share what I learned with you. How it IS different from what we do today.
How you can leverage ideas about observability in your performance work.
And how you’ll find you might already be doing these things without even knowing it!



About Mark Tomlinson

Mark Tomlinson is a performance engineering and software testing consultant. His career began in 1992 with a comprehensive two-year test for a life-critical transportation system, a project which captured his interest for software testing, quality assurance, and test automation. That first test project sought to prevent trains from running into each other — and Mark has metaphorically been preventing “train wrecks” for his customers for the past 24 years.


He has broad experience with real-world scenario testing of large and complex systems and is regarded as a leading expert in software testing automation with a specific emphasis on performance. For the majority of Mark’s career he has worked for companies as a testing practitioner and consultant using the leading products for performance testing, profiling and measurement.


Mark worked at Microsoft Corporation as a performance consultant and engineer in various labs. He worked as the LoadRunner Product Manager at HP Software, helping to deliver leading innovations for performance testing and engineering. He is the co-founder and host of the popular podcast PerfBytes.


 14:00 – 14:45   


Session with Lisette Zounon –

Debunking the QA KPI Myths and make KPI great again

When is this in my timezone?


Everyone is focused on data and metrics to make major decisions. When it comes to software quality, KPI metrics can become a myth. Sometimes it works, sometimes you miss it.


Attendees in this session will take away :

  • Determine the purpose of the QA KPI for your needs
  • Adapt the KPI Metrics to your organization culture
  • Practical QA KPI metrics that bring value to everyone in the organization for the health of the project and the team’s health.
  • Determine QA KPI Metrics for QA team only
  • Define QA KPI metrics for your product quality health


Lisette Zounon

Lisette Zounon is a passionate quality engineering leader with over 15 years of experience helping people and companies improve the quality of their applications, with solid tools, a simple process, and a smart team. She strongly believes that industry best practices including implementing agile methodologies and DevOps practices are invaluable.

Lisette has worked extensively with Fortune 100 technology companies, startups, and not for profits in e-commerce, cloud services, telecommunications, finances, and oil and gas industries.

 15:00 – 15:45   


Session with Peter Varhol –

Talking to People: Changing Patterns in a Shelter-in-Place World

When is this in my timezone?


Today we have many ways of communicating with distributed team members, but a worldwide pandemic means we still have to fight our biases in order to be effective and keep our projects on track.1. How to recognize our biases in team communications, and how to work with the perspectives and biases of other team members while not in face-to-face situations.

2. How to use distributed communications tools effectively to make sure all team members communicate accurately and honestly.

3. How to get the most out of distributed team communications to ensure that we remain collaborative and working toward common outcomes.

4. How to recognize and address concerns about in-person interactions and other personal circumstances that can have an impact on how we work together. 

Peter Varhol
Peter Varhol is a software strategist and evangelist who closely observes the testing industry and uses his knowledge and experience to identify new technologies to identify trends and help companies respond to those trends. His diverse technical background enables him to seamlessly integrate new technologies into his practices, and provides him with a unique vision of how to adapt and succeed with rapid technology change.

His areas of research and practice include team communications, machine learning, and DevOps, testing and test automation, and development tools. His efforts aim to use the latest and best technologies to address real world problems.

Peter speaks frequently at conferences, local meetups, and on webinars on software development, testing, machine learning, and DevOps topics. He also writes for popular technology publications such as Information Week and InfoWorld.
In other roles, Peter has been a tenure-track professor in computer science and mathematics, technology journalist and editor, software developer and tester, and software product manager.

Peter blogs at Cutting Edge Computing, http://pvarhol.wordpress.com, and tweets at http://twitter.com/pvarhol. He has masters degrees in computer science, applied mathematics, and psychology, along with doctoral work in information systems.

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Strategies for Establishing an Effective Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE)

Explore the establishment and administration of a Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE), aimed at elevating the efficiency and quality of software testing within your organization.

Throughout this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Develop a comprehensive grasp of TCOE principles, strategies, and industry-leading practices.
  2. Acquire practical insights into effective leadership, standardization, and collaborative approaches.
  3. Recognize the significance of metrics and the continuous improvement process within the TCOE framework.
  4. Learn to maintain a customer-centric focus while implementing cost-effective test management solutions.

About Mohita Prasad

Mohita is a Senior Principal Consultant at AST. She leads the Testing COE team for her organization and is responsible for end-to-end test management of AST projects across multiple business units of AST.

Mohita lives in Chicago and has been in AST for over 4.5 years. She has been responsible for standardizing the testing process across the organization.

She holds an MBA in Information Technology and Finance from Mumbai, India. She is passionate about testing, and standardization.

She enjoys speaking at testing conferences and likes to bring the best of testing from the tech world to AST.

The future of Test Management: What You Should Know

Today, we approach testing differently than we did 5 or 10 years ago. The way we test 5 years from now will also be different from today. What will change? Our tools, how we interact with our development peers and especially our users, the way we deploy software, how we fix things in production, and the list goes on…

In this session, we’ll discuss what the future holds and understand how these changes will impact both the challenges and requirements of testing. Armed with these insights, you’ll be able to begin preparing for the future, improve your virtual skill toolbox, and ensure you’ll be ready to meet new testing challenges head-on.

About Joel Montvelisky

Joel Montvelisky is the Co-Founder and Chief Solution Architect at PractiTest. Joel has been in testing and QA since 1997, working as a tester, QA Manager, Director, and Consultant for companies in Israel, the US, and the EU. Joel is a Forbes Council member and popular blogger. He consistently leads webinars on a number of testing and quality-related topics.

In addition, Joel is the Founder and Chair of the OnlineTestConf, the Co-Founder of the State of Testing Survey and Report, and a Director at the Association of Software Testing. He is a seasoned conference speaker worldwide, including the STAR Conferences, STPCon, JaSST, TestLeadership Conf, CAST, QA&Test, and more.

Transforming QA With AI-Driven Test Management

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the role of Quality Assurance (QA) is more critical than ever. This presentation delves into the transformative power of AI-driven Test Management, exploring how cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies are reshaping the QA process.

About Ido Tandy

Ido Tandy is the director of product management in PractiTest.
He has an extensive product experience from various sectors.
Ido started his career in development and managed both developers and testers.

Fast-Tracking Project Delivery: Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist

Software testing can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to be. In this engaging workshop, you’ll gain invaluable insights into revolutionizing your software testing process.
You’ll walk away with new strategies on:
  • Making it easier for testers to find bugs and report them in a way that’s clear and concise, so developers can get back to work faster
  • Giving developers the ability to see what the next steps are when a bug is reported, so they don’t have to waste time hunting for information
  • Tracking all bugs and fixes in one place, so you don’t lose sight of anything
  • Giving all project stakeholders – testers, developers, QA managers, and more – access to the same information, so they all “speak the same language”
Take it from a recovering perfectionist. Smoother, faster, and more efficient software delivery is right around the corner.

About Antony Lipman

Antony Lipman is the Customer Success and Training Manager at PractiTest. He has over 20 years of experience in managing customer relationships across a variety of industries. Antony provides customers with continuous training aimed at sharpening their testing expertise to help maximize their PractiTest value. Prior to joining PractiTest, Antony held positions in adult education, consulting, and the nonprofit sector, eventually transitioning into the technology space. He enjoys meeting customers face-to-face and helping them find unique solutions to complex challenges.

Bad Tests Running Wild: Concurrency, Test Data, and Low Human Interaction in Test Automation

Think running concurrent automated test scripts in a CI/CD pipeline is as easy as just clicking that run-in-parallel checkbox? If so, you’re likely in for a struggle. Join us to hear about data, threading, and low human interaction considerations that can help you be successful when parallelizing.

About Paul Grizzaffi

As a Senior Automation Architect at Vaco, Paul Grizzaffi is following his passion for providing technology solutions to testing, QE, and QA organizations, including automation assessments, implementations, and through activities benefiting the broader testing community. An accomplished keynote speaker and writer, Paul has spoken at national conferences and meetings. He’s a member of the Industry Advisory Board of the Advanced Research Center for Software Testing and Quality Assurance (STQA) at UT Dallas where he is a frequent guest lecturer. When not spouting 80s metal lyrics, Paul enjoys sharing his experiences and learnings from other testing professionals.

API Testing within CI/CD

API Testing has been a challenge for Testers and tools like Postman have made this task easier thanks to the manual creation of request collections. But how can we set up API automated tests using Postman and launch these tests in containers? Not only that but integrate them into our CI/CD pipelines.

In this workshop, you will explore 3 key points in automating API tests with usual tools like Postman: that is, the creation of automated tests from Postman, how to run your request collections and their automated tests using Docker as well as the appropriate containers for them and how API tests are integrated into a CI/CD pipeline in a simple way using GitlabCI.

About Fran Guerrero

Fran is an Agile ISTQB-certified specialist with more than 12 years of experience in the Quality Assurance field. He implements testing processes, QA strategies, and innovative tools, and builds strong relationships across all teams.

From time to time, Fran enjoys speaking at QA-related forums on topics that include Agile Testing, Test Automation, and DevOps CI/CD methodologies.

The Path to Stable Mental Health

Discover the keys to heightened productivity and well-being in this workshop. In our hectic lives, managing work and personal responsibilities often leads to burnout and a lack of accomplishment. Distractions at work and home contribute to this struggle.

Drawing from personal experience, I’ll share practical mindfulness techniques and productivity hacks to break the cycle of demotivation and exhaustion. Learn how to navigate unnecessary meetings, manage emails efficiently, and employ strategies like the Focus Funnel and Deep Work for optimal performance. This workshop offers real-life examples and videos to guide you toward becoming your best self both professionally and personally. Prioritize your mental health now to avoid burnout – let me show you how.

About Raj Subrameyer

Raj Subrameyer is a Senior QA Manager and Certified Tech Career and Leadership Coach helping people to land their dream job and become successful leaders. He is passionate about guiding professionals to maximize their opportunities and discover their zone of genius. He has given multiple TEDx talks and is a sought-after speaker at various conferences and has been featured in numerous TV news segments, podcasts and publications, including CBS, BBC, FOX, NPR, NBC, Entrepreneur, CEOWorld Magazine, CIO and Authority Magazine, Career Addict, Thrive Global, Addicted2Success and The Good Men Project. His areas of expertise include career advancement, leadership, motivation, productivity, mental health, diversity & inclusion, and entrepreneurship. In his spare time, he loves traveling and enjoying craft beer.

How to fast generate your API Test with OpenAPI Tools and Rest-Assured

API testing is, nowadays, a common activity for any team. Some still use record-and-play or tools that provide an IDE because it accelerates the test creation at the beginning, but in the mid to long term, it does not scale. Most of them have reasons: lack of programming skill, patterns, or simply time to do it.

In this workshop, you will learn how to speed up the API test automation using Java and Rest-Assured while the OpenAPI tools will create all the standard code to deal with the HTTP requests.

About Elias Nogueira

Elias is a Principal Engineer at Backbase with a background in software engineering, consulting, agile coaching, and tech lead. He helps software engineers to develop their quality mindset and deliver bug-free software. He specializes in Quality Engineering for backend, frontend, and mobile technologies. He’s a writer, and blogger, and loves to help the community by running meetups and sharing knowledge by giving presentations worldwide.

He’s also an Oracle ACE for Java, DevOps, and Cloud Native, Java Magazine NL editor, TDC Rockstar, and BrowserStack Champion.

The hunt for Bigfoot: A fully automated testing process (Spoiler Alert, it doesn't exist).

Fully automated testing is like Bigfoot. Everyone thinks they’ve seen it… But all they’ve seen is a blurry picture off in the woods. Automation has come a loooooong way, but you’ll always need some humans involved in your QA process.

Let’s discuss when to use automation, when to double down on manual testing, the top tools available today, and how to maximize your testing team’s strengths.

About Jay Aigner

Jay’s experience in software across almost all verticals, platforms, and ecosystems — paired with his unique experience in development, quality assurance, and product management — allows him to provide cutting-edge QA solutions for modern software platforms and teams. He founded JDAQA, an award-winning software quality assurance agency with over 60 high-caliber QA engineers and growing.

In 2016 he founded JDAQA to help startups with their testing. Today it’s grown into a software testing powerhouse elevating software quality across the US and internationally.

The fusion core of his life is his wife Amanda, their 5 children, and their dog Molly. He is also an avid astrophotographer, student pilot, electric skateboarder, and fisherman. He also hosts a podcast called The First Customer where he interviews founders about their business and how they got their first customer.

His company is part of the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, PACT, and Philly Startup Leaders. He also speaks somewhat regularly about becoming an entrepreneur at TechElevator, a programmer bootcamp in Philly and Wilmington, Delaware.