Alan Page & Brent Jensen – Ten Reasons You Think Modern Testing Won’t Work for You – and Why You’re Wrong

Alan Page and Brent Jensen have been talking about a thing they call Modern Testing for nearly two years. The concept isn’t particularly modern, and it’s really not that much about testing. Instead, it’s an alternative to traditional test-last quality approaches.

For some, however, the principles of Modern Testing seem too far out there, or not achievable. Some people look at Modern Testing and think, “that won’t work here”, or “our team could never do that”. In this presentation, Alan and Brent will talk about these, and other reasons why individuals and teams think that some or all of Modern Testing won’t work, and then, (mostly) politely explain how to get past that fear and uncertainty and explain how Modern Testing can apply to any team making software.

Main Takeaways:

1. The modern testing mission.

2. Modern testing principles.

3. Ten Reasons You Think Modern Testing Won’t Work for You, and why you’re wrong


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