Lalitkumar Bhamare – Getting non-testers to Test: Helping them to help you

Without a doubt, role of a tester in teams has been changing like never before (check out State of Testing surveys to know more). More importantly, software industry’s perception about quality, its ownership has been changing too.
A shift seems to be happening from “We don’t need testers” mindset to “Skilled testers are valuable assets” realization. What kind of things these skilled testers are doing that makes them valuable assets of their team? Do they work as “lone guardians of quality”? Do production releases get blocked when they are not around? Do their teams feel empowered by their work or they feel paralyzed because of their absence? If the answers are “no”, how exactly they help others to get helped in the hour of need?
In this session, Lalit will talk about his experiments around getting not-testers to test, challenges he faced and how did he overcome them. Join him and sail with him in what he calls as “intellectual voyage”.  
View session recording:
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