Joel Montvelisky – No-nonsense test management, when “Testing is Everyone’s Responsibility”

“Testing is everyone’s responsibility”, and so we need to make sure that everyone in the team can test the product.

But what does this mean to the way we write and run our test cases?
Different people on our teams will need different types of test cases, some need more guidance and information, while others may be deterred or put-off if they see tests that are too low level.  Some will run tests that are more scripted in nature, some that are more exploratory, and some may (at least) try to work mostly with automated scripts.

The important thing as a Test Manager or Test Architect is to understand that we need to look at all these tests together, and learn how to help each of our “new” testers in their work.

In this session we will learn:
How to write test cases for the different members of our team.  Development, business people, etc.
How to train and mentor team members in their testing tasks.
How to approach testing in a way that engages all the team in your testing process.

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