Lisa Crispin – Example Mapping

How can testers and their delivery teams build the features their customers want, keeping cycle time short and delivering value frequently? As more teams adopt continuous delivery, starting each new feature with a shared understanding of how it should behave is even more important.

Example Mapping, created by Matt Wynne, helps technical and customer teams collaborate for shared understanding of products, stories and features. We’ll explore how to use this simple, easy-to-learn framework for “amigos” and pre-planning meetings. Story-by-story, testers, developers, product owners and possibly others elicit business rules, illustrate each rule with at least one example, and write down any questions to investigate further. The examples can be used to create scenarios that become executable tests to guide development, and the rules make sure nothing gets missed.

Main Takeaways:

1. Why example mapping.

2. Example learning is best learned by doing – how should you go about setting a workshop

3. Capture questions no one can answer

4. What are the benefits of example mapping


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