Closing keynote – Paul Grizzaffi: Testing your Metal, Drawing Parallels between Testing and Heavy Music

Testing Your Metal – Drawing Parallels Between Testing Concepts And Heavy Music

The phrase “test your mettle” means to test what one is made of, what one is prepared to endure. In both testing and automation development, we often have to endure suboptimal situations and difficult challenges such as unrealistic expectations, resistance to change, and an insistence that automation has to come from test cases.

In coping with these challenges, many people find solace in music; listening to and playing music can be a cathartic experience. Music, specifically titles, and lyrics, can also be thought-provoking and motivating.

Paul Grizzaffi, a self-proclaimed metalhead, and rock-a-holic, is one of those people who is greatly affected by music. He not only has experience with testing and automation, he’s quite the aficionado of heavy music. His love of automation, testing, and music inspired the pun in the title.  Join us as Paul takes us on a tour of some impactful lyrics and song titles that frame memorable messages about testing and automation. Among the featured messages: we make our own expectations, automation is programming, not magic, and there are important business aspects related to automation and testing that cannot be ignored.

Session Takeaways
 Find your friendlies; they can help evangelize your message
 If you are a change agent, you will offend some sensibilities
 Automation does not replace testers; it does not have to come from test cases
 There are valuable analogies between concepts that are not immediately evident


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