Ronald Cummings-John – The strategies used by high-performing teams to deliver better software and accelerate growth

Companies can no longer think about quality in the traditional sense – the days of relying on testers to be the gatekeepers of a release and own “quality” are over.

In this talk, we share the traits of high-performing teams and insights from working with and interviewing the fastest growing app companies in the world like Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Spotify and more.* Help the audience understand the importance of embracing quality across the organisation and share actionable ideas on how to become a quality advocate and be a change agent within their organisation
* Learn to implement a decision-making process to understand what type of testing is appropriate for your product lifecycle
* Provide a framework to determine their growth metrics and how to connect their testing activities to the business growth metrics

Main Takeaways:

1. How to create a culture of quality.

2. How to increase the value QA brings to the company.

3. Three common narratives that are fundamental to pay attention to.

4. How do you start to change the quality narrative.
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