Trish Khoo – So you want to be an independent consultant

Have you ever thought of flipping your corporate desk and going solo? Choosing your own hours, your own clients, and not having to answer to anybody? Maybe making some of that sweet consulting money while funding your very own startup?

That’s what I did, and I did it for three years. I started work as a consultant and also became an artist, a designer, a business analyst, an app developer, an entrepreneur, a trainer, speaker, an evangelist, a salesperson, a marketer, and so many more things. There were times when I thought this was the easiest job ever, and times when I was scared to look at my bank account. It was a time of epic wins, colossal failures, plenty of hustle, a side of romance, and a lot of valuable lessons learned.

Let me tell you my whole story and the lessons that have stayed valuable to me to this day.


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