Ali Khalid

Ali Khalid

Founder at Quality Spectrum

Helping the software community by speaking at conferences around the world, conducting workshops and training, content on social media, and consulting startups to mid-size ERPs to large scale enterprises with 1500+ applications with software quality, test automation, DevOps and agile transformations.

Currently working with a large enterprise for an IT transformation into Scaled agile, establishing quality & DevOps practices across the enterprise helping teams to deliver quality products at speed.

Obsessed with #RedefiningSoftwareQuality through Technological Excellence, Testing Acumen and Business Value.  More at

Ali Khalid – Why we call it Big data and how to test it

Testing in the field of big data is radically different than conventional software. An understanding of how big data is different is critical. The goal of big data projects is very different from what you would see in other areas. Understanding that goal and employing testing techniques suited for these applications is important.   The […]

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