Ana Maria Popa

Ana Maria Popa

QC Engineer at Yonder

With over 7 years of experience, Ana is a tester at Yonder in Iași, Romania. She is a certified Scrum Master and a big fan of testing communities. One of the cool things that she realized together with the testing community at Yonder is an event called Testers’ Pub, where she was a speaker. She was a volunteer at the “Romanian Testing Conference”, which gave her the chance to look closely at how much work it takes to organize a testing conference. A continuous learner, she finds inspiration in the great names of the industry and gives it further to the other fellow tester by coaching them.

Ana Maria Popa – A Modern Tester with Scrum Master hat

In Scrum teams, especially when the team is trying to apply Modern Testing Principles, it can happen sometimes that the tester takes over the Scrum Master role. Based on her experience, and looking at the Modern Testing Principles and the Scrum Guide, Ana will talk in this session about what’s the impact of this double role […]

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