Bede Ngaruko

Bede Ngaruko

Automation Test Engineer, Founder: Automated Testing Auckland Meetup

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Bede is a Test Automation Engineer, working for Medic Mobile, a San Francisco based ‘organization founded in 2010 to improve healthcare in the communities that are hardest to reach’.

Working on Enterprise Desktop Applications, Web Applications and Mobile Applications, he has a number of years in Software Testing and Automation and will share his experience, challenges and current trends in testing mobile applications.

Bede is also the founder and organizer of the Automated Testing Auckland Meetup and testing community contributor through meetups, blog posts and conferences.

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Bede Ngaruko – Testing Challenges in the Highly Interconnected World of IOT

  The Internet of Things is becoming one of the growing trends in the software industry. With a combination of software programmes and hardware/sensor devices, both individuals and enterprise consumers want to be able to monitor, activate and control their devices from the comfort of their homes and offices. Applications include home automation, fleet management, […]

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