Chris Kenst

Chris Kenst

Chris Kenst has been improving software quality for nearly 15 years, now serving as an Automation Engineer at BloomNation in Santa Monica, CA. A Board Member for the Non-Profit Association for Software Testing he is working to build better testing education through the AST-BBST classes, webinars and more. An occasional speaker at software conferences and meetups, he writes regularly at and a few other places around the web. Created and maintains an open source list of software testing conferences and workshops from around the world at

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Chris Kenst – How I Became an Automation Engineer

I’ll be sharing my experiences on how I became an Automation Engineer and what that first year has looked like: the good, bad and the ok.- There’s no great definition for what an Automation Engineer should do, but in my first year I’ll show you all the ways I’ve been asked to test things

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