Jesper Ottosen

Jesper Ottosen

Test manager in IT outsourcing

Jesper is a test manager in IT outsourcing both with regards to development projects, infrastructure and operations.

I see patterns and trends – and present the information to the decision makers.
I have a strategic focus, master collaboration and implement context-driven ideas.
I work primarily with projects that change the IT landscape.
I lead the testing team members with trust, praise and delegation

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Jesper Ottosen – Shifting is more than shift left

Change is happening to the testing activities. Shift-left automates and codifies the testing activities. Shift-right does it for production. This session will be about a couple of other trends, changes and shifts that’s happening to testers and test managers. – Shift-Coach, where It’s more about coaching teams. – Shift-SME, where it’s more about business savvy. […]

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