Ronald Cummings-John

Ronald Cummings-John

I have spent years building companies and writing software. After selling my first startup, I’m now scaling up Global App Testing – a VC backed crowdsourced testing platform with over 20,000 professional testers globally, which was selected as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the United Kingdom.

I am also the author of the definitive book on testing, Leading Quality: What QAOps teaches you about delivering great software and accelerating growth. My passion for quality assurance (QA) has sent me around the world working with the top QA and product teams from companies such as Facebook, Microsoft,, Spotify, Dropbox and many more.

Some examples of me speaking at talks:

Ronald Cummings-John – The strategies used by high-performing teams to deliver better software and accelerate growth

Companies can no longer think about quality in the traditional sense – the days of relying on testers to be the gatekeepers of a release and own “quality” are over.

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